IINFIN SME is built on the belief that understanding the SMEs’ needs is key to unlocking their digital potential. Be the champion of your company’s digital journey by joining the IINFIN SME community and take advantage of our SME BRIDGE program that will help you plug the gaps for your business. Our BRIDGE program will help you gain access to markets, branding opportunities, knowledge sharing via digital content, access to data and analytics, and funding. Focus on growing your business whilst IINFIN SME becomes your digital partner. Only when YOU WIN, do we win

SME News Broadcast Package

RM500 / Sponsored Price: RM 0

IINFIN SME, SMECorp and Huawei Technologies Malaysia, is sponsoring the first step to help SMEs grow their business! The first 500 SMEs to take advantage of this will receive these benefits:

  • Brand and showcase your company news on SMECorp/Huawei Portal and IINFINSME.COM
  • Get featured on IINFIN SME’s social media channels
  • Get your personalised link to share your company’s news on your social media channels or with your customers
  • Access to your company’s news in IINFIN SME’s news archive where you can track the growth of your brand
  • Access to various events and content types on IINFINSME.COM to assist you on your digital transformation journey.
  • Ready payment gateway solution
Writing Services
(in English/Malay/Chinese)

RM388 per article

Having the best product in the world does not guarantee sales. SMEs need to ensure that they can create the right market access, brand themselves well and have the right marketing messages and content to make it all come together. IINFIN SME’s editorial team can help SMEs become better storytellers of their own business and products by curating high quality, customised content in English, Malay and Chinese. Share this news with your existing and potential customers and the business community to generate greater reach for your brand, business and products.

Take control of your business through the power of storytelling today!

Translation Services
(for English/Malay/Chinese)

RM288 per article

We understand that getting the right message in the right language in the right language makes all the difference in the way you engage to build a long-term relationship with your customers.

IINFIN SME works with experienced translators who have the relevant knowledge, skills and fluency of language to ensure that your company news is translated to the language of your choice (English, Malayand Chinese).

Let us help you take the right step towards reaching your customers by communicating in their lingo!

Writing & Translation Package

RM600 per package

Getting the right message in the right language, to the right audience goes a long way to help your company close the sale, connect with or build long-term relationships with your customers.

Take advantage of our cost effective writing and translation package where our team of writers and translators will work with you to curate bespoked content in either English, Malay or Chinese and translate them to the language of choice, for you to engage with and share your stories with your customer.


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